20 Top Blog Posts About Online Marketing for 2013

It’s been a great 2012, but looking into what 2013 holds for your business now will help you stand a cut above the competition.

In my research I’ve found many new trends emerging in online marketing that will be beneficial for any savvy business owner going into the new year. Enjoy!

1. How Video Can Improve Your Online and Social Media Status
2. 2013: The Year Of The Online Writer
3. 7 Pricing Strategies Based on Research Studies
4. A Start-Up Finds Traction Through E-Mail Marketing
5. How Content Length Affects Rankings and Conversions
6. 100+ B2B Content Marketing Statistics For 2013
7. Blogging Success: How to Create Content People Love
8. 8 Content Marketing Trends for B2B
9. Preparing for the New LinkedIn Design: How to Optimize Your Page and Profile
10. How To Encourage People To Change Their Minds
11. Happily Ever After: How To Build Long-Term Client Relationships
12. How To Deliver Exceptional Client Service
13. Creating Ultimate Guides and Using Them to Build Your Marketing List
14.  7 Ways To Find Viral Content Ideas
15. Optimizing Your Linkedin Professional Profile For Leads
16. Measuring And Adjusting Your Online Marketing Strategy
17. How To Create A Great Timeline Cover Photo For Your Brand
18. 10 Tips For Creating Effective Presentations & 1 Challenge
19. 5 Steps To Encouraging Internally-Produced Content from Non-Marketers
20. How An Adwords Expert Uses Google Analytics Data

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